Spanish Classes for Adults
Alison Miller, Teacher

There is one thing that I love as much as speaking foreign languages and traveling: teaching. For more than thirty years, as neuro-science was discovering more about the brain and how we learn, I've explored cutting-edge methodologies and theories that have made classroom learning more similar to being in a foreign country.

Children learn languages like happy sponges. But their native tongue gradually dominates, making foreign languages more challenging over time. Adults can rediscover the joys of learning a language naturally with:

  • Music, games, humor and interesting practice situations
  • A supportive, inspiring environment
  • Immersion in the language

All Ode to Learning workshops orchestrate such an environment for joyful and efficient learning, whether they be language classes or teacher workshops. I have combined ideas from my education, teaching experience, and extensive foreign travel into a dynamic program for you to enjoy.  Questions?  Call 360-941-5374.

Click for details about Alison's education and experience:


  • Completed course work for Doctor of Modern Languages, Middlebury College
  • M.A. in Spanish: Middlebury College (Madrid, Spain campus)
  • Training in Suggestopedia from Drs. Lozanov and Gateva in the U.S. and Austria.
  • B.A., Spanish major, French minor, Colorado College, Colorado Springs 

Past Experience:

  • Taught Spanish, French, and ESL at Skagit Valley College, Mount Vernon, WA, 1977-2011, until retiring from tenured position in 2010.
  • Owned and ran Pacific Language Center, Anacortes, Washington, teaching Spanish, training teachers and developing special courses in Medical and Police Spanish, 1992-1999.
  • Conducted workshops on Suggestopedia for teachers in the ESL Masters in Teaching Degree program at SIT, Brattleboro, Vermont, 5 summers
  • Has spoken at conferences for teacher associations and for school districts in Arizona, California, Iowa, Minnesota, Oregon, Texas, Washington, Washington D.C. and Vancouver, Canada, 1979-1999.
  • Conducted workshops for teachers in California, Colorado, Hawaii, Minnesota, Vermont and Washington
  • Taught immersion French, Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, New York, four intensive summer classes in the 90s
  • Taught immersion Spanish & English classes for adults across the U.S. and abroad: Japan, Spain, Austria, 1979-1999
  • Taught at Skagit Valley College, Mount Vernon, Washington, from 1977-2011
  • Taught English as Visiting Associate Professor at SANNO College, Tokyo, Japan, 1986-88 
  • Taught Spanish in Minnesota: Metro State University and Fergus Falls Community College, 1985
  • Taught Spanish and French, Colorado Springs Public Schools, 1971-1975 


  • Wrote La gira de Verónica y Los Latinos, Spanish textbook and recordings for adults.
  • Spanish text for Medical Spanish classes in Washington hospitals 
  • Assisted in the design of a Japanese program for Duty Free shops, Hawaii
  • El Comandante Villanueva, Spanish text and tapes for law enforcement
  • Co-authored Spanish phrase book for dispatchers in the city of Marysville, WA
  • Special training textbooks for Medical Spanish workshops and classes in hospitals
  • 9 editions of El Nuevo Sol for teaching college-level Spanish through the arts, 1979-1999

Alison Miller:

Mon & Wed evenings 
6:00 - 9:00 pm
September 20 - October 2o, 2021
30 Hours
Tuition: $295

On-going discussion group,
Grammar review & films
Call for details: 360 941-5374

Ana Pizarro, on-going
Mondays, 4:00 - 6:00 pm
On break

with Kyle Miller
on Zoom
360 420-0622 

by arrangement  

"Over the last two decades I have attended many professional development courses, but none as rich and rewarding as Alison Miller's teacher training program in Suggestopedia. Her warmth and generosity coupled with the outstanding training program combined to form a learning experience that I will treasure for life." –Simon Eason, teacher, Brittany, France.

QUESTIONS?  Call 360-941-5374
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