Enjoy a supportive and culturally rich environment as you learn how to speak Spanish naturally, while simultaneously building a strong foundation of language structures, communication skills and cultural understanding.

Beginning Spanish:

This level, a series of three 30-hour intensive or semi-intensive workshops, offers 90 hours of immersion in the language. A Spanish maintenance program provides ways for you to retain what you've learned as well as add to your vocabulary during the weeks between workshops.

Beginning Spanish is appropriate for you if you:

  • have not yet studied the basic grammar
  • have picked up Spanish through travel or living abroad but can't communicate well
  • have not spoken or studied Spanish for many years and wish to start at the beginning
  • want a basic refresher course




Intermediate Spanish:

Intermediate Spanish moves at a faster pace and highlights more advanced vocabulary in the text. An intermediate Spanish maintenance program will also help you keep up what you've learned as well as adding to your vocabulary during the weeks between workshops.  

This level is appropriate for you if you:

  • have studied at least one year of university-level Spanish within the past five years
  • have studied at least two years of university-level Spanish long ago but have not actively used it
  • can already speak the language but want to improve your conversation skills
  • want a refresher course with students who can already communicate in the language

 Following the intermediate class is a SERIES of Discussion groups.

Advanced Spanish:

On-going conversation group.







SPANISH in 2019
with Alison Miller


 Evening Discussion Groups,
2 Tuesday evenings, 6:30 - 9:00 pm
OR 2 Tuesday evenings 6-9 pm
Call 360 941-5374 for details.

with Ana Pizarro, on-going
Mondays, 4:00 - 6:00 pm

with Kyle Miller
360 420-0622 (Guitar Only)

by arrangement  

"Over the last two decades I have attended many professional development courses, but none as rich and rewarding as Alison Miller's teacher training program in Suggestopedia. Her warmth and generosity coupled with the outstanding training program combined to form a learning experience that I will treasure for life." –Simon Eason, teacher, Brittany, France.

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